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September 19, 2020



Partner of murdered Romani man condemns Czech media for calling him a "terrorist"

3.6.2017 11:33
The scene of the shooting death of a Romani man in Chomutov, Czech Republic on 27 May 2017. (PHOTO:  David Ištok)
The scene of the shooting death of a Romani man in Chomutov, Czech Republic on 27 May 2017. (PHOTO: David Ištok)

News server is publishing here the response from the long-term partner of the Romani man who was shot dead in Chomutov one week ago to the news items and reportages in the Czech media and online social networking sites about the incident. Several news outlets have claimed that when the man drove his vehicle onto a sidewalk, he was committing an act of "terrorism".

Statement from the partner of the Romani man shot dead in Chomutov, Czech Republic

I am very offended by the accusations and prejudices expressed about my partner, who was brtually shot on 27 May in Chomutov. None of you knew him!

1. He was not a terrorist

I come from the Netherlands, where he and I have lived together for the last 13 years. I and those in our circle knew him to be a friendly, hardworking, loving person. I never heard him say he had enemies here in the Czech Republic, whether in his own family or among his neighbors. He had come here for just a couple of days to visit his family and open a bank account so he could begin saving money to build his parents a house. I knew his life and his problems, and I also know these accusations that he committed a terrorist attack are absolutely absurd.

2. He was never lazy

For the entire 15 years he was in the Netherlands he worked hard, was reliable, and was full of energy. That was apparent from the way he worked, made friends, took care of his children and pets, learned foreign languages, ran his own comapny and how willing he was to learn the new things he needed for his life and his work. All of that he did better than anybody else I knew. He was very demanding of himself. Thanks to that, he acquired so many skills that he became a sought-after specialist in floor coverings. He was a genuine expert in work with marble and restored wood. He aided many people and worked for them for free. Simply put, he loved his work, lived with a big heart and soul, and was willing to give everything he had.

3. Please do not condemn somebody whom you do not know

Yes, he was also a Romani man. In the Czech Republic he had no chance of a good life, because he had to face much prejudice here. At the age of 18, therefore, he decided to live a better life in a different country. Bravely, and absolutely on his own, he started from scratch. In a place where people looked at him without prejudice, he was able to actually be himself. He developed, he grew, he managed to gain financial security. It was not easy, but soon he became loved and respected by other people.

I and his entire family, all of his friends and customers, are experiencing enormous sorrow over this painful loss and over the fact that the life for which he worked so hard has now been ended once and forever by somebody else's bad judgement. We do not want any more accusations, or demonstrations, or negative publicity, or victims; all we are asking for is to be left in peace so we can mourn the person we loved.

ROMEA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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