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October 19, 2021



Political immunity for Czech politicians bottomless

Prague, 29.4.2008 12:30, (Aktuálně.cz)

Similar cases, different approach. Three cases of Czech high rank politicians suggest that the higher up you are in the Czech politics, the easier it is to escape charges or law suits.

Jiří Čunek, currently returning deputy Prime Minister, Liana Janáčková, a Moravian senator, as well as Pavel Severa, an MP, made it easily out of cases that haunt others for long months.

Racist remarks, leaking secret information and corruption - they have been suspected of similar misdeeds as their local colleagues but never made it to a law court, either to prove their innocence or to be proven guilty.

Czech officials or elected politicians stopped their cases on their way to the court house. Similar cases with local politicians are taking long months.


Petr Holub
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