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Prague celebrations of International Romani Day continue, contingent from Brno coming for a surprise event

7.4.2018 14:19
The Roma flag.
The Roma flag.

Today the Prague celebrations of International Romani Day are continuing with an evening program "Brnodrom", at the Uhelna club featuring Romani performers from Brno. Audiences can look forward to a comedy sketch, "Miri fajta", and a musical performance that will end with a big surprise.

"From the beginning we have been advertising this as a musical evening with a surprise. The surprise is not who will be performing - we can reveal that the guests will be Natálie and Matuš Bagár, or Zdeněk Lázok, for example. They are naturally being supported by colleagues from all over the Czech Republic - Tibor Žida, Marta Balážová, and the Funky Brothers from Louny. Why this particular combination of musicians is coming to Prague, though, is something the audience will only find out if they come," David Tišer, director of ARA ART, the convening organization, told news server

In addition to music, guests can look forward to a theatrical performance. A Romani theater group is coming from Brno which, under the direction of Robin Stria, has rehearsed an original play called "Miri fajta".

When: Saturday 7 April 2018, 19:30

Where: Uhelna Club & Restaurant, Štefánikova 18/25, Praha 5

That production first arose as an activity of the Brno community center of the DROM organization and was premiered in November 2017. "It's kind of a survey of a Romani family in Brno. It's a sitcom that originally was created as a television script, and it shows that Romani people know how to make fun of themselves and that their lives are colorful, diverse, and do not just revolve around problems associated with life in a socially excluded locality in Brno," the author and director said.

Brnodrom begins at Uhelna on Saturday, 7 April at 19:30. In addition to music and theater there will also be an opportunity to meet with the organizers of this year's International Romani Day and with some performers, as well as to taste Romani cuisine.

The Prague celebrations began yesterday with two tours of the city center by the historic "tROMvaj" with live music. The fulcrum of this year's celebrations is its musical program, culminating in a gala evening full of of non-Romani and Romani celebrities on Sunday, 8 April at the Archa theater.

As is traditional, the Milena Hübschmannová Award for special contribution to the field of the Romanes language will be given, the laureates of which are annually chosen by the Romani Studies Seminar of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. This year the Prague celebrations are three days long and are directed as usual by the ARA ART organization; the theme of this year's celebrations is Romipen (Romani-ness) and its content in the 21st century.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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