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February 26, 2021



Prvnízprá Czech neo-Nazis training assassins

Prague, 11.1.2010 6:01, (ROMEA)

The analytical section of the League against Anti-semitism (Liga proti antisemismu - LPA) says it has discovered an instruction portal on the web called Zone18 that is accessible to members of neo-Nazi organizations. The professional site was launched at the start of December 2009.

"The LPA analytical section is a group of our co-workers who perform their activity in total anonymity. They never participate in our public actions, they don’t speak to the media,” LPA chair Věra Tydlitátová said in an interview for

The LPA has delivered information on the website to Deputy Interior Minister Col. Jiří Komorous. reports that he has submitted the information to the Organized Crime Detection Unit.

The Zone18 portal contains a number of instruction manuals for terrorist groups and individuals. Materials entitled “Preparing Assassins” describe how to dispose of people:

"... once the gunman is a few meters away from the victim, he then shoots him dead. On a busy street, no one will notice anything suspicious. The victim, collapsed on the ground, may just look like someone in temporary discomfort to passers-by,” says the manual.

The instructions list many other approaches to murder. "Poison can get into the victim’s body orally, with his food, or can be absorbed through the skin when mixed into cosmetics. The recommended method is to use poison as an auxiliary to causing the victim’s death by other means. Stabbing the victim with a poisoned knife basically increases the possibility of his potential death even if the wound itself is not fatal,” the instruction manual says.

The instructions for producing Molotov cocktails are very detailed and are almost identical to manuals which have appeared on other neo-Nazi portals in the past. It is more than likely that the perpetrators of the arson attack in Vítkov last spring drew on information from these sources. reports that the text entitled “Partisan Experience” was allegedly developed by a former member of a WWII-era rebel group and describes armed warfare in natural settings. The neo-Nazis express their thanks to the author for providing the information.

In the article “Training with Specnaz – the Road to Hell!” the anonymous author describes his experiences in Russian military training camps. At the end of the extensive contribution he concisely describes himself as follows: "I am always prepared to use violence against anyone who threatens me or on behalf of the interests I am protecting. I was recently asked how far I would be capable of going in such a case. What is the answer? I can go as far as is necessary. I must admit that my behavior is governed by my own particular conscience, which does not blindly copy Czech laws.”

The website operators use classic Nazi vocabulary in their discussions with visitors to the portal. gives a sample response to a question for more information: "Heil, I’ll definitely take a look and post something.”

Shocking Christmas greetings were posted on the web during the holidays. Archived versions of the site show it displayed images of prisoners dying in a concentration camp. also published a sample of the “Code of Honor” from the organization Combat 18:

"As National Socialists we have the obligation to fight for our race and for the cause of National Socialism itself. We are obligated to strive to make the ideal of honor something real in our lives. This is how National Socialists embody everything that is best in our race and in the civilization which our race has created over the millennia. It is no accident that the SS slogan was: ‘My honor is called loyalty’. For SS fighters, their honor meant they were loyal to Adolf Hitler until their dying day.”

Combat 18 is the armed wing of the British neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honour. The number 18 in the group’s name refers to Adolf Hitler, as the letters A and H are the first and eighth letters of the alphabet. says Czech Radio first reported on the existence of the Czech offshoot of Combat 18, Division Bohemia, in 2002.

Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, Prvnízprá, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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