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August 16, 2022



Racism and xenophobia are returning to the Czech political scene

Prague, 19.7.2007 9:53, (CTK)

Racism and xenophobia are returning to the Czech political scene, Petr Kolar writes in Lidove noviny. When the notorious era of Miroslav Sladek, leader of the far-right Republicans, and his populist shouting of racist statements ended a couple of years ago, it seemed that the times of such parties are over, writes Kolar.

It would be naive to believe that the "white" majority has fallen in love with Romanies since. On the other hand, the general public knew that parties with the above statements were inadmissible, he adds.

However, racism and xenophobia have been returning to the politics in recent weeks. This time, it is much more dangerous. They are being advocated by "serious" politicians from "serious" parties on the basis of "serious arguments" about the necessity to resolve the situation of the "unadapted people" at the local level, writes Kolar.

This is something different than what used to be shouted by Sladek. In fact, he merely spoke, while his current successors pretend to work to the benefit of the public, claiming that they are not afraid to say aloud what is common knowledge, writes Kolar.

No wonder that such local politicians have made tremendous careers. Jiri Cunek has even become the leader of the Christian Democrats and the deputy prime minister. Liana Janackova has become the deputy chairwoman of the Senate committee for human rights, Kolar stresses.

Is senator Janackova really a racist? Pavel Verner asks in Pravo.

Those demanding that her head to be rolling should produce some evidence. Or else, the whole upper house of the Czech parliament would have to be called a racist body as its members allowed her to assume the post of deputy chairwoman of the Senate committee for human rights, he adds.

In fact, nothing has been said on how she works in the body, what she has done for the protection of human rights and whether something positive has ensued for Romanies from her work.

There are many who rashly want to destroy Janackova's political career, while they do not have to tackle the problems she has to face in the real life, writes Verner.

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