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August 12, 2022



Racists attack Romani police officer, state prosecutor refuses to take them into custody

Sokolov, 1.4.2010 16:04, (ROMEA)

This past weekend, Police Commissioner Lubomir Horvath, who is of Roma origin, was attacked by three assailants in his own home. His son was attacked there as well. The Commissioner sustained serious injuries to his leg and his son was beaten while the assailants subjected him to racist insults. Police say the attack was racially motivated and allegedly could be repeated at any time, but the state prosecutor has refused to take the perpetrators into custody. Horvath is afraid for himself and his family. The news was first reported by TV Nova.

Over the weekend, Horvath was assaulted in his apartment by three perpetrators who seriously injured his leg. “They have had to put nails, screws in my leg from here down,” he told TV Nova. It will take several months for his leg, which was fractured in three places, to heal. He described the attack: “One of them stomped on my foot, the second one sort of crouched down, and the third blocked the door so no one could get out. The one who stomped on my foot then chased my 19-year-old son into the children’s bedroom, knocked him to the ground and kicked him while yelling ‘You black swine’.”

Horvath asked to be released from the hospital to recover at home so he could be close to his family as he is afraid the attackers could return at any time. Police detained the alleged perpetrators, who are said to have resorted to the brutality in order to settle a disagreement between their children and Horvath’s. The alleged assailants are said to have rather checkered criminal pasts; one has previously been sentenced 12 times.

“We really wanted them to be remanded into custody so the behavior would not be repeated and also because this was a racially motivated crime,” Karlovy Vary Regional Police spokesperson Andrea Kavova said. However. the perpetrators have not ended up behind bars. The state prosecutor in Sokolov refused to recommend custody. “I came to the conclusion that there are no legal grounds to keep them in custody and ordered their release,” said Sokolov State Prosecutor Hynek Hasek.

“This is bad. Really bad. My family is afraid,” Horvath said upon learning of the release.

“Given the methods used and the danger they posed, I believe custody would have been in order,” says lawyer Martin Tocik. Police are prepared to provide protection to the family of their Romani colleague.

Gwendolyn Albert, kos, NOVA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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