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January 21, 2022



Renáta Kováčová on the death of the Romani man in Žatec: Exonerating autopsy results impossible to believe

22.10.2016 11:37
Renáta Kováčová
Renáta Kováčová

My head is still spinning from the idea that somebody can walk into a pizzeria alive, never to leave again. I am not afraid to say that I was also quite frightened and puzzled by the initial autopsy results according to which that young man died without any third-party involvement.

Am I really supposed to believe that somebody just up and dies at the age of 26? Naturally I do not believe that.

After watching the video filmed inside the pizzeria, on the audio track of which we can hear the person who made the recording say that the victim "took quite a blow", it's not possible to believe those results. Rumor also has it that a food server there is supposed to be a martial arts master, and if so, then it must have have been clear to him what is also clear to me: If I kick somebody in the chest or neck, that blow can be fatal.

A person who is involved in martial arts should also know that using martial arts elements outside of a sanctioned competition is banned, precisely because it can harm somebody or even kill them. From the CCTV footage of the victim at the bus station, which was taken shortly before the incidents at the pizzeria, it is apparent that a bus driver managed to intimidate the young man to such a degree that he ran away.

In that footage the young man seems confused, he evidently is afraid, there are no signs of aggression. Then I have to ask why the parents were not allowed to identify the body of the deceased?

After all, that is standard procedure in such cases. Is the reason, perhaps, that the assailant has ties to the criminal police and other police units?

Or was it, perhaps, that the deceased was so battered that the parents would not have been able to stay in control of themselves if they had seen their son? That, of course, changes nothing about the fact that the Police of the Czech Republic proceeded illegally when they refused a viewing, in my opinion.

I am doing my best to believe that the assailants did not attack with the intention of killing the man, but it's hard to believe that. A 26-year-old has died who had two children and his entire life ahead of him, just because nobody was able to grab him by the collar and take him outside.

I am demanding and I am hoping for a fair investigation of this case and harsh punishment for the attackers. I hope this scandal will not be brushed under the carpet and that we will see an objective investigation.

Renáta Kováčová, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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