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January 26, 2022



Robert Tonelli: Romani people must propose their own candidate for President of the Czech Republic

8.5.2017 6:54
Robert Tonelli
Robert Tonelli

Over the past few days we have been witnessing how political indiscretions can bend the entire political scene here in the Czech Republic. I am writing as a person who takes an interest in public affairs across the board, not just the question of human rights, about which I have written many articles.

I am not indifferent, therefore, to how we live in the Czech Republic and what kind of political representation is in power here, which is why I react to political events even though I am neither a political scientist or a politician. I want to fit into the role of a citizen, somebody who lives here with Czech citizenship and Romani nationality and who loves the Czech Republic as a country and as my motherland.

As I listened attentively to and observed the events of the recent Government crisis, I realized what a dangerous politics is being created here by Czech President Miloš Zeman. If, as a citizen, I assess the decisions and the steps taken by the head of state from the beginning of his election and his term in office, then I must acknowledge how very dangerous our President is.

He is publicly promoting dangerous opinions on the topic of Islamic migration, his foreign policy is connected to support for Russia, he does not respect certain international agreements and treaties, and he voices mischievous opinions about ethnic Romani people. The President of the Czech Republic should not behave as if this country were his personal property.

I don't even want to spend time assessing the situation that has just played itself out - the intentionally embarrassing fool's errand of the President despising and violaing Constitutional customs and the office of the Prime Minister. For that, it is necessary to file a Constitutional complaint against the head of state.

It is not possible that the President constantly spoil the good reputation of this state abroad and create these internationally shameful scandals. On the basis of these facts, especially in recent days, I have realized that Romani people in this country are endangered by this President's politics.

I am, therefore, calling on you all to thoroughly consider to whom we will be giving our votes during the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections here. It is high time we Roma propose our own candidate for the post of President of the Czech Republic.

Let's act responsibly, for our children and for our parents, let's act responsibly toward the country we live in, our motherland. We must not allow our country to be governed by the Communists, the populists, or the radical right extremists.

Let's create common values, let's establish our country on the priorities we have built up, on taking responsibiilty for all of us. The Czech Republic is a European state, a multicultural state, and a state that is economically and financially mature.

Let's be proud of our motherland and love her. Let's not vote for the evil of the politics now being created by Miloš Zeman.

Robert Tonelli, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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