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October 18, 2018
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Romani music celebrity supports "Go For Your Dream" project at Czech shopping centers

4.6.2018 8:49
Participants in the
Participants in the "Go For Your Dream" project, which has been created as a collaboration between the Chodov shopping center in Prague and the nonprofit organization Yourchance, o.p.s. (PHOTO: Archive of the Chodov shopping center)

The Chodov and Černý Most shopping centers in the Czech capital, in collaboration with the Yourchance o.p.s. nonprofit organization, are implementing a project called "Go For Your Dream" ("Jdi za svým snem") this year. Continuing a successful pilot begun last year, it aims to aid young people with finding enjoyable employment and supporting their future careers.

The centers, on the basis of long-term collaboration with local authorities and communities, are focusing on beginning the professional careers of those who, even at a time of low unemployment, are still finding it very complicated to apply themselves through formal employment. The Černý Most launch of the project is today.

"Go For Your Dream" is part of the Better Places 2030 program, a comprehensive strategy developed by Unibail-Rodamco, the owner of Prague's Chodov and Černý Most shopping centers. Among other things, it aims to support local communities by focusing on the employability of youth.

This year the program is aimed at creating jobs for new graduates, parents seeking work while on leave with their newborns or after returning from such leave, persons who have long been unemployed, or low-qualified youth between 16 and 30, among whom Romani people are an important group. "Given the success of last year's pilot project, we decided in 2018 to continue to develop this social activity and to involve not just Chodov but Černý Most," commented Marcela Hrdličková, Head of Shopping Centre Management CZ/SK.

"Even though unemployment is at a record low level, there still exist groups who find it complicated to get jobs," she said. "Together with our partners we would like to aid these job-seekers with beginning an interesting career."

Combining the Chodov and Černý Most shopping centers with the nonprofit organization Yourchance o.p.s. in the "Go For Your Dream" project creates support for all disadvantaged people when it comes to accessing the labor market. The motivation for the project is the fact that there are groups for whom starting a career in the Czech Republic is no easy matter.

Those who are participating in the project are both socially disadvantaged people and recent graduates. "Today it is even a disadvantage to be a new graduate," Olga Kratochvílová, representative of Yourchance, told news server

"To complete high school or college and then find employment is very complicated, many employers require work experience," she said. "Young people who have just completed school can have a problem with finding that very first job and getting off to a good start."

At the Chodov shopping center the project involved a job fair day on 22 May. Forty applicants interviewed for dozens of different jobs there.

That event involved Arnaud Burlin, the director of Unibail-Rodamco for Central and Eastern Europe, and the famous Romani singer Monika Bagárová also attended to support those applying. "I am very glad to be able to support this beautiful event," she said.

"I believe that more than one person here will manage to begin the career of their dreams," said the performer, who sang two songs from her repertoire during the afternoon's events. The project will be introduced and launched today at the Černý Most center and will involved presentations by potential employers.

The program offers the opportunity to chose from among 100 jobs and the chance to gain experience in the fields associated with shopping center operations such as retail, catering, logistics, technical maintenance, security, cleaning and construction. In the beginning the jobs available at the center will first be described to the applicants.

That will be followed by a training, including preparation for the application process, which will be provided by the nonprofit organization Yourchance o.p.s. Volunteers who are themselves employees of Unibail-Rodamco will provide support during these events to applicants by coaching and mentoring them.

The program will once again result in a job fair where applicants will meet human resources specialists from the partner companies. The cost of participation in the project is completely covered by the shopping center itself.

Radim Darebník, AMI Communications, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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