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May 24, 2022



Romani rapper Alex Dzurko's new video criticizes "Facebook warriors" and racists, laments social divisions

23.11.2019 13:27
Alex Dzurko (PHOTO:  Facebook page of Alex Dzurko)
Alex Dzurko (PHOTO: Facebook page of Alex Dzurko)

Alex Dzurko has become broadly known especially among the younger generation in the Czech Republic thanks to the many videos he has produced in which he uses clips from famous films and overdubs what the main characters are saying with his original humor. Those videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times and some of the lines produced by his amateur dubbing have become a permanent part of his fans' vocabulary.

He is also involved in many other activities, one of which is rap. His new song is called "We Are All Equal" (Všichni jsme si rovni) and is an uncompromising critique of racism - irrespective of who spreads it.

"This is a consequence of what's happening in the Czech Republic. It's like I say in the song: What a Czech can do, a Roma can do - both the good and the bad. In all directions," Dzurko told news server

The performer anticipated negative reactions to his settling of accounts with racists. For now, however, he has noted just positive responses from both non-Roma and Roma.

voj, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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