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August 20, 2022



Romani sisters launch new music video in the Czech Republic

20.2.2019 10:41

The Bagárová sisters launched a new single, "Sister" (Sestra), and video on Valentine's Day. The music was composed by Natálie Bagárová, who wrote the lyrics with her sister Monika, an already-established vocalist.

Many are commenting not just on how beautiful Natálie is - she is seven years younger than Monika - but what a big talent she is as well. The sisters are singing about their relationship and how important family is.

"It's beautiful to have strong family relationships, it's beautiful to have a soulmate so close by, to stand by each other in good times and bad. That's the message of our song for you, and we'd like to motivate you to strengthen your relationships, to make them better, or to at least take the first step toward making them a little bit better," Monika Bagárová posted to her online profile

vhl, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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