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December 14, 2019
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Romanies can learn computer skills in Prague

Prague, 2.9.2007 15:52, (CTK)

Czech Romanies can attend a course in computer skills for beginners organised by the Romea civic association in Prague as from September, Adam Pospisil from Romea told CTK today.

The Romea educational centre also offers Romanies computers and Internet access for free. Some 259 people visit the centre a week. Romanies can seek jobs via the Internet, Pospisil said.

In the past month, five of the 20 registered clients have found jobs on the Romany Internet labour exchange, mostly in social services, such as organisations helping the disabled or drug addicts, and in technical and construction fields.

Pospisil said Romanies also showed a high interest in another Romea website focused on discrimination that is visited by 400 people a day.

In the case of discrimination, Romanies as well as other people can turn to a free phone line. Some 70 people use the line a month.

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