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June 26, 2022



ROMEA TV produces reportage for Deutsche Welle about Romani refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic

25.5.2022 6:02

Bias and discrimination in the Czech Republic are the difficulties being encountered today by Romani families from Ukraine who have fled Russia's war on that country, according to the testimony of nonprofit organizations and volunteers - sometimes Romani refugees are being told that they should continue on to another country, most frequently to Germany or to Hungary. Those who arrived in the Czech Republic at the very beginning of the war did mostly access accommodation of some kind. 

Other Romani refugees, however, are stuck to this day living at the main railway station in Prague, as other cities and regions in the Czech Republic are refusing to aid them. Take a look at the summary report by Romea TV mapping the situation of Romani refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic for German television station Deutsche Welle.

František Bikár, Luboš Palata, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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