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August 12, 2022



ROMEA TV WILL BROADCAST LIVE 14:00 CET: Memorial gathering for Stanislav Tomáš in Teplice, Czech Republic

26.6.2021 13:36

At 14:00 CET today a memorial gathering for Stanislav Tomáš will be held on Dubská Street in Teplice, Czech Republic. Mr Tomáš passed away a week ago on 19 June after police intervened against him.  

Prior to 13:00 CET, police patrols had already been deployed to the streets surrounding the scene of the gathering. News server ROMEA TV will broadcast the event live

"There will be a parson on the scene to lead a prayer for the tragically deceased Stanislav Tomáš. The aim of this event is to support the bereaved and to express our sorrow together. The event will be strictly nonviolent and peaceful. We are asking those attending to dress in a dignified way," the Konexe association, which is organizing the memorial gathering and is in close contact with the bereaved family, posted to Facebook

Other groups are also holding demonstrations in Teplice at that same time. The conveners of those events are, for example, Marco Cavali, who has established a new political party called Roma Luma, or Bertík Girga, a popular musician. 

ROMEA, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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