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October 23, 2021



Rumburk: "Gypsies to the gas chambers! Black swine! We'll burn you alive"

Rumburk, 30.8.2011 18:01, (ROMEA)
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Last Friday's demonstration "against violent crime" in Rumburk deteriorated into a racist hunt for local Romani residents. The mob circulated repeatedly through the town looking for Romani people. Ethnic Czechs gathered several times in front of buildings where Romani people were thought to be living. They threw pieces of wood and rocks at two homes and destroyed the fence around another one. Police did not intervene until the mob attempted to break into the second home and started throwing apples at police officers.

During the entire march, as well as on the town square, the mob shouted racist abuse and calls to violence against Romani people such as: "Black swine", "Gypsies to the gas chambers", "I'd set them all on fire, bury them alive, stab them in the back", etc. Police did not intervene against these racists.

Video footage of these events

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