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October 23, 2021



TV Prima to broadcast talk show episode today - will it be in its entirety?

27.10.2016 13:48
The TV Prima building in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Kacir, Wikimedia Commons)
The TV Prima building in the Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Kacir, Wikimedia Commons)

According to information reported by the news server, the episode that was to have been broadcast yesterday of the Jan Kraus talk show on TV Prima will be broadcast today. It is, however, possible that it will not be broadcast in its entirety and that its opening segment will be edited out.

"Prima will broadcast today during prime time (20:15) its previously advertised episode of the Jan Kraus talk show with guests Jiří Brady, Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman, singer Anna K and actor Roman Štabrňák," reported, referencing a press release by Jana Mrákotová of TV Prima. The news server goes on to report that:  "It cannot be ruled out that the opening segment of the program may have been assessed by the Council on Radio and Television Broadcasting as violating the responsiblity to be balanced and objective. However, as far as online broadcasting goes, no such regulation exists in the online environment, and therefore Prima believes that the segment will be made accessible in its entirety on the website Mrákotová further notes that posting the entire version of the episode online is absolutely solely a matter for the directors and producers of the Jan Kraus Show and she is not aware why the episode was not broadcast online yesterday despite the fact that viewers drew attention to this option," reports., translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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