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January 24, 2022



Two hundred neo-Nazis march through Kladno

Kladno, 29.9.2009 8:23, (ROMEA)

Approximately 200 neo-Nazis gathered yesterday at around 14:00 on náměstí Sítná in Kladno. The event, organized by the Autonomous Nationalists and called “St. Václav’s Demonstration”, was monitored by police. Promoters of the extreme right visit the town annually on the St. Václav holiday.

On a square located outside the town centre, several speakers including guests from Poland and Sweden addressed the crowd. Demonstrators carried flags with national symbols, the logo of the Autonomous Nationalists, and black banners. At around 14:20 they set off on a march through the town along a previously announced route, chanting various slogans such as: "Radically, socially, nationally!", "Saint Václav", "Stop black racism", "Bohemia for the Czechs” and "We don’t want ‘multikulti’ ". Regular participants in Workers’ Party events were among the neo-Nazis gathered.


At one point during the march, the right-wing radicals passed a group of about 30 of their opponents, who were chanting "Antifa!" The two camps were separated by riot police, so the skirmishes between them were only verbal. Several Roma were among the anti-fascists. From the neo-Nazi crowd someone was heard to yell: "You were supposed to have gone up in smoke!"

After walking approximately 1.5 kilometers, the adherents of neo-Nazism reached the Kladno chateau, where they listened to a second set of speeches in Zádušní street. One of the speakers was Jiří Bunda, a leading figure in the Autonomous Nationalists who organized the entire event. Bunda was also one of those who convened last year’s march by right-wing radicals on the Janov housing estate in Litvínov, which turned into an attempted pogrom on the Roma living there.


Speakers mentioned the St. Václav tradition and criticized the current political system. Right-wing radicals in the crowd responded by yelling “Resistance!” and other slogans. At around 15:20 they ended the event and headed back towards náměstí Sítná.

On the way back, the neo-Nazis attempted to attack three of their opponents who were yelling “Antifa” at the crowd. One neo-Nazi was knocked to the ground by police and detained. One neo-Nazi opponent was also detained. “They are suspected of the crime of rioting,” Kladno police spokesperson Jana Šteinerová told ČTK. She said police would continue to monitor the situation in the town.

Neo-Nazis met in honour of the St. Václav holiday for the first time in Kladno in 2005. Last year the event was jointly convened by the Autonomous Nationalists and the Workers’ Party. Opponents of neo-Nazism have regularly protested the demonstrations and marches in past years as well.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, ROMEA, ROMEA, ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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