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January 24, 2018
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UK: Police say there are no suspicious circumstances about death of young Romani girl in Sheffield

13.1.2018 13:08
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According to the police command in South Yorkshire, England, which is investigating the death of a Romani girl named Janička in Sheffield, the circumstances of her death are not suspicious. The police have given a statement to news server about the case.

A tempestuous online discussion of the death has been taking place internationally among Romani community members. "Emergency services were called to a home in Cranworth Road, Sheffield just before 18:10 on Tuesday, 2 January after learning that an eight-year-old girl was having breathing difficulties," a press spokesperson for the South Yorkshire police command told news server

"She was transported to hospital where, unfortunately, she died on Sunday 7 January. There are no suspicious circumstances with regard to her death and the case file will now be prepared for the coroner," the press spokesperson said.

In many countries that follow the Anglo-American legal system, a coroner is a state official whose main responsibility is to investigate deaths and issue death certificates in cases that are ambiguous, a function that may be performed by any certified doctor and that has been in place in the Czech Republic since 2011. Czech and Slovak Romani people have been vigorously discussing the case by way of Facebook in recent days because the account of the girl's death remains mysterious to them.

The girl lived in Sheffield with her family and, on that fateful day, is said to have been playing in an attic room with her younger siblings and the children of her relatives. For reasons that are unknown, she is said to have wound the belt of her bathrobe around her neck and strangled herself.

The girl was without vital signs for 40 minutes before the emergency services revived her and put her on life support. The damage caused to her was, however, so serious that doctors recommended her parents remove her from life support several days later.

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Analysis: A propaganda war needs angry, defiant, disgusted, nerve-wracked people - and the Czech Republic qualifies

8.1.2018 18:12
The return to the self-serving lie about a Greater Russia is costing the Russians absolutely everything, including their self-respect. The idea that it is still possible to destroy everything gives them the strength to continue.
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Czech women charged with promoting neo-Nazism plead innocent

8.1.2018 11:54
On 5 January 2018, six women told a Czech court that they reject their indictment on charges of promoting and support the neo-Nazi movement "Resistance Women Unity" (RWU), either refusing to testify about their actions between 2007 and 2009 or making brief statements claiming they are innocent. The District Court for Prague 2 will continue to hear the case again on 21 February.
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Czech EdMin says number of Romani children educated according to reduced standards has not changed in three years

7.1.2018 17:17
The number of Romani children who are educated according to reduced standards has almost not changed at all during the last three years. Almost every eighth Romani child in primary school is learning according to the curriculum for schoolchildren with mild mental disability.
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