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March 3, 2021



Vast majority of people agree with dissolution of the racist Workers’ Party

Prague, 21.2.2010 16:49, (ROMEA)

Most people in the Czech Republic clearly agree with the decision of the Supreme Administrative Court in Brno to dissolve the racist Workers’ Party. The vast majority of participants in an exclusive survey performed by the SANEP company consider Workers’ Party members to be extremists promoting Nazism. The majority also agrees that any political movements or parties showing signs of incitement to violence, racial intolerance or xenophobia should be dissolved. More than half of all respondents believe police are not doing enough to combat extremism.

The exclusive Internet survey was performed by SANEP between 18 and 20 February 2010. The representative sample consisted of 6 377 respondents between the ages of 18 and 69. From a panel of 145 000 registered users, 14 293 respondents participated. The representative sample was determined through the quota selection method.

The survey results show 74.6 % of respondents agree with the abolition of the party. The vast majority of respondents (80.7%) consider the party’s members to be extremists promoting Nazism.

For some time now, SANEP has been monitoring the output of extremist movements and groups clearly which are considered by most respondents in surveys conducted so far to pose a threat to democracy. This most recent survey confirms SANEP’s long-range survey results; 69 % of respondents consider extremist parties a threat.

This majority opinion corresponds to a two-thirds agreement (76.3 %) with the dissolution of all political movements and parties showing signs of instigating violence, racial intolerance, and xenophobia. Similarly, 64.9 % of respondents share the opinion that any political party carrying on the Workers’ Party’s activities should be abolished.

More than half of respondents (55.4 %) were rather critical of the activity of the criminal justice system. These respondents do not believe police are doing enough to combat extremism.

Results of the voting:

Do you agree with the 17 February 2010 decision by the Supreme Administrative Court in Brno to dissolve the Workers’ Party for, according to the statement of the court, defining itself in opposition to the Jewish, Roma and Vietnamese ethnicities/ nationalities, as well as in opposition to homosexuals, immigrants, and people of other skin colors in general, and for negatively referring to such people as deadbeats, inadaptables, parasites, etc.?

Yes 60.5 %

Probably yes 14.1 %

No 12.3 %

Probably no 8.6 %

Don’t know 4.5 %

Do you consider the members of the Workers’ Party to be extremists who are promoting Nazism?

Yes 57.8 %

Probably yes 22.9 %

No 9.6 %

Probably no 7.5 %

Don’t know 6.6 %

In your opinion, do extremist parties pose a threat to democracy?

Yes 48.2 %

Probably yes 20.8 %

No 13.8 %

Probably not 8.1 %

Don’t know 9.1 %

In your opinion, should any political party carrying on the Workers’ Party’s activities be abolished?

Yes 45.5 %

Probably yes 19.4 %

No 15 %

Probably not 7.6 %

Don’t know 12.5 %

Do you believe the criminal justice system is doing enough to combat extremism?

Yes 9.6 %

Probably yes 21.9 %

No 31.3 %

Probably not 24.1 %

Don’t know 13.1 %

Gwendolyn Albert, Zdeněk Ryšavý, ryz, SANEP, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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