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August 13, 2022



VIDEO: "Kneeling on the neck means death" - debut from Romani rapper Filip Šenki in the Czech Republic

8.7.2021 13:23
Filip Šenki in his video for the song
Filip Šenki in his video for the song "Kneeling on the neck means death" (To kleknutí na krk znamená smrt). (2021) (PHOTO:

The scandal of the death of Stanislav Tomáš in Teplice, Czech Republic is already resonating in cultural output. Young rapper Filip Šenki (15), the son of Milan Šenki, a famous activist, actor and musician (who plays with the band of David Kraus and performed in the films "Bony a klid" and "Roming") has produed a video called "Kneeling on the neck means death" (To kleknutí na krk znamená smrt), which was premiered on social media yesterday and has gone viral on the Czech internet with English subtitles.

"Filip and his friends wanted to express their disagreement with the intervention by the police officers in Teplice. He did judo for six years, right now he is dedicating himself to high-level boxing and won a bronze at the national championship this year," Milan Šenki, who directed and filmed the video, told news server   

"In addition, Filip was trained by a riot response officer who taught him that when rendering your opponent motionless it is better to put your knee on the shoulderblades because the neck is simply a danger zone," Milan Šenki said. Both the recording and the video are productions of the Romodrom studio.

lav, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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