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July 3, 2022



VIDEO: Romani students spend the weekend in Brno's Cejl neighborhood

21.3.2017 9:33

A video has been produced of the Baruvas meeting of Romani college and high school students to show what the atmosphere and course of such a meeting is like. Romani college student Tereza Heková, who attended the meeting, contributed to filming the footage and to its postproduction processing.

During the first weekend in March, the students fulfilled various tasks when they met in the Cejl neighborhood of Brno. One of those tasks was to film their own reportages there.

A day-long program at the Museum of Romani Culture deepened the students' knowledge of Romani culture and history, and they also tried honing their argumentation skills during a debate contest and familiarized themselves with study opportunities abroad. To learn more about the weekend meeting and is concept, you can read Renata Berkyová's article for

You can contribute to the scholarship program to aid Romani students with fulfilling their academic and professional dreams HERE (page is in Czech only for now). Information about the scholarship program for Romani students is at

The Baruvas meeting is part of the scholarship program coordinated by the ROMEA organization and was designed to meet the needs of the students. The meetings are supported by the Albatros Foundation, Bader Philanthropies, Open Society Fund Prague, Velux Foundation and individual contributors.

voj, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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