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August 10, 2022



Vsetín does not want the deported Roma back

Vsetin, 26.6.2007 18:24, (ROMEA/CTK)

The leadership of the Vsetín town hall will not help the Roma who were deported to the Jeseniky region return to Vsetín, with the exception of one family. The recommendation of Ombudsman Motejl, according to whom the families have the right to be allocated flats and return to their home town, has been rejected by the town hall. "This is a shock. They have taken on board absolutely nothing from the ombudsman’s report.

All the previous declarations by the Vsetín town hall about aid to the Roma were just excellent theatre,” said Mr Zástěra, secretary of the Roma Vidnava association after meeting with Vsetín town hall representatives on Monday. The only family who has a chance at a flat is one living in Stará Červená Voda whose members kept their permanent residence registered in Vsetín.

The family must now apply to be included on the housing list. The town of Vsetín rejected all the demands of the families deported to Vlčice and Vidnava with the explanation that they are no longer citizens of the town and have registered their permanent residency elsewhere. "The town will no longer invest into real estate which is now the property of these families.

This would mean the town could support just any citizen at all," Mayor of Vsetín Květoslava Othová (KDU-ČSL) told the Jesenický daily. "Those evicted families had no right to substitute accommodations. Vsetín went above and beyond to perform the service of arranging housing for them and guaranteeing them loans. We won’t do it next time, the families will end up on the street," added Vice Mayor Iveta Táborská (ODS).

Vsetín evicted the Romani families during the night of Friday 13 October using a technique the ombudsman characterized as “deportation”. Men from the families were taken to the “new housing” first and women and children were brought to the sites late at night by bus. They had no idea where they were going and saw their new dwellings for the first time when town representatives dropped them off.

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