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May 17, 2022



Winner of Czech-Slovak singing competition "The Voice" subjected to racist attacks online

3.6.2019 12:34
Annamária d’Almeida (2019). (PHOTO: TV NOVA)
Annamária d’Almeida (2019). (PHOTO: TV NOVA)

Annamária d’Almeida, the latest winner of the "The Voice", a televised singing competition, is facing racist attacks online from Czech-speaking Internet users. While most viewers are congratulating her, some are dissatisfied.

Their dislike has to do with the singer's ethnic origin. "She's as Czech as a block of wood," commented one Facebook user.

"Wasn't this a Czechoslovak competition?" another Facebook user posted. Yet another cast doubt on whether the voting had been rigged, posting: "This victory was predetermined, its modern multiculturalism. This is crap. TV Nova and Czech Television are just kissing the EU's ass ..."

Most of those posting online, however, expressed respect for the singer's victory. Some have even attempted to guide the comments in a better direction.

Die, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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