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June 27, 2022



Woman assaults two headscarf-wearing women in Czech capital as they take children to swim

23.7.2017 13:26
--ilustrační foto--
--ilustrační foto--

An aggressive woman assaulted two Muslim women accompanying 13 children to the Divoka Šárka aquapark in Prague on Wednesday. The aggressor began the conflict by photographing the Muslim women and the children.

One of the Muslim women asked her to stop taking photographs of them. The photographer then attacked her both physically and verbally.

The case is being investigated by police and reported on in detail through the Facebook page of the "Against Hate Speech" (Proti projevům nenávisti) platform. The two Muslim women were taking the 13 children on a trip to go swimming.

On their way to the swimming area they were assaulted by the woman, who was a stranger to them. The Muslim women were wearing hijabs at the time.

"Some woman began photographing us. After she was politely asked in Czech to stop doing that because we did not want her to photograph either us or the children, she began to abuse us vulgarly," one of the Muslim women was quoted as saying by the Against Hate Speech report.

"She said we were wogs and that we should f""k off and that we shouldn't dare go swimming. After that she kicked and punched my friend," the Muslim woman said.

Those administering the Facebook page know the identity of the woman quoted but are maintaining her anonymity at her request. According to the platform, the entire conflict was witnessed by 13 children of various ages.

"One of the children even began to cry and the others were in shock. We sat them down on the lawn at some distance and waited for the police," one of the Muslim women is quoted as saying.

"The lady wanted to flee, so we had to detain her. The police came in 15 minutes," the Muslim woman said.

The entire incident has been confirmed by Czech Police spokesperson Tomáš Hulan. "I can confirm that on Wednesday around noon we answered a call at Divoka Šárka about an incident involving several people," he told news server

"A total of three Czech-speaking persons, two of whom were actors in the incident and a third of whom was a witness to it, then ended up at the police station," Hulan told news server He also informed the Against Hate Speech group by telephone that "One of the women will be investigated on suspicion of committing a misdemeanor against civil coexistence."

"The other woman was released after giving her statement," Hulan told the Against Hate Speech group. Czech media originally reported the incident as having happened directly inside the aquapark in the area known as Šárecké údolí.

Both the police spokesperson and the operator of the aquapark said it did not happen on the premises. The alleged assailant now faces a fine of up to CZK 20 000 [EUR 768] if convicted.

ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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