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August 11, 2022



Woman beaten in Nový Bydžov: Mounted police slammed us into the walls

Nový Bydžov, 13.3.2011 21:45, (ROMEA)

I am one of those who participated in the action in Na Šarlejích street, one of those who stood up against the racists from the DSSS. Before the police started their intervention, I was standing as part of a human chain, about the third row from the front of the crowd, when suddenly a horse appeared in front of me and people all around me were shouting.

As I started running out of fear, police officers riding those poor horses slammed me into the fence. I tried to speed up. Even though the mounted police could clearly see they had achieved what they wanted and that I and the other demonstrators, all out of our minds with fear, were now running away along the fence, they did not stop swinging at us with their night sticks. I was struck on the shoulder, as was a somewhat older woman in front of me.

It wasn't a serious injury, it didn't even leave much of a mark, so I did not go to the hospital to record it, but my shoulder still hurts. Unfortunately, I did not manage to photograph this incomprehensible police assault. During the panic I couldn't even think of doing such a thing as I did my best to help the people around me.

Later, while treating an injured man whose leg had been stomped on by a horse, we were literally harassed by reporters from Czech Television. If one of us wasn't interested in being filmed, they were unpleasant to us and shoved us aside.

I want to express my support to you all for future actions against the rise in ethnic intolerance, and not just in Bohemia.

Were you among the demonstrators in Na Šarlejích stret? Describe your experiences to us and let us know whether you were injured! Send us your photographs and video of the brutal police intervention! Write to

Gwendolyn Albert, eyewitness account, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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