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September 27, 2022



Woman says intercity bus driver in northern Czech town racially abused her and called for the death of all Roma before physically throwing her onto a road

10.8.2021 5:43
(PHOTO:  ŠJů, wikimedia commons)
(PHOTO: ŠJů, wikimedia commons)

In Most, Czech Republic, police are investigating an incident that happened on Thursday, 4 August on bus no. 30 of the Litvínov and Most Public Transit Company. Růžena Horvátová alleges she was both verbally and physically assaulted by a driver on that line. 

The driver is said to have first attacked her verbally before the entire incident culminated in his using force to throw her out of the bus. She alleges he shouted racist insults at her the entire time.

"When I got on the bus I bought a ticket from the driver for CZK 17 [EUR 0.67]. When I asked for my three crowns in change, he said he didn't have it. Moreover, he began to verbally abuse me, saying that I am rude, that I hadn't greeted him and that we are all rude, that we should be sent to the gas chambers and that a Hitler was needed to deal with us," Horváthová described the experience in an interview on the Facebook social network for the SOS Investigative Counseling Center (SOS Investigativní poradnu).

"When I attempted to photograph him he slammed on the brakes, stood up, walked over and grabbed the phone out of my hand. I grabbed it back. Then he grabbed me by the arm and threw me out of the bus. I hit the railing there in the road. The driver then closed the bus door and drove away," she described. 

Horváthová then called the police and showed them her arm injury and her bus ticket, which she had properly paid for. That document shows the driver's service number was 4837 and the bus was listed as number 00010.

"On Thursday evening the police contacted me to say they are dealing with the case," she said, adding that she has filed a complaint against the driver with the Litvínov and Most Public Transit Company. Horváthová also told CNN Prima News the police protocol about the incident does not include her allegations that the driver shouted racial abuse.  

SB, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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