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June 25, 2022



Europol rescues 30 Romani children from traffickers in continent-wide raid

The Hague, 24.9.2014 19:19, (ROMEA)
The Europol complex in The Hague.
The Europol complex in The Hague.

The European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol, has intervened in 34 countries including the Czech Republic and arrested 1 027 people in the biggest raid against organized crime in its history. Under the leadership of Europol, the operation, called Archimedes, lasted nine days and focused primarily on drugs, fraud, human trafficking, tax evasion and theft.  

Europol says it rescued 30 Romani children from the hands of traffickers during the maneuvers. The operation lasted from 15 September to 23 September and was directed from Europol's command in The Hague.  

In collaboration with police agencies of EU Member States and others, including Australia and the USA, Europol succeeded in confiscating hundreds of kilograms of drugs and large sums of money in cash and other assets, as well as rescuing 30 Romani children from the hands of traffickers. The raid was conducted in more than 260 places.

"This is the biggest coordinated, unified action against organized crime to have ever been undertaken in Europe," Rob Wainwright, head of Europol, told journalists. In his view the organization has successfully helped to significantly disrupt the activity of criminal organizations in Europe.

ČTK, ryz, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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