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May 23, 2022



Finland: Helsinki Police say they are dismantling Romani encampments almost daily

12.6.2015 23:14

On 11 June, news server reported that police in Helsinki say they have been dismantling illegal camps occupied by Romani people almost every day. Yesterday police dispersed Romani people camping under a bridge near Linnunlaulu Park.

Police are telling the campers to go to the Meri-Rastila campground in the east of the capital. Each of the encampments has housed anywhere between just a few people to a dozen.

Helsinki Police Chief Inspector Seppo Kujala said camping under the bridge is dangerous because it is near railroad tracks. “They are aware that camping is prohibited,” he said.

Police said so far the dismantling of the encampments has "almost always" been calm. The city is reportedly responsible for cleaning up the abandoned sites.

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