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August 16, 2022



Germany: More than 100 000 people join "like attack" campaign against neo-Nazism

Hamburg, Germany, 10.6.2014 0:19, (ROMEA)
The "like attack" campaign against neo-Nazism by the German organization Laut Gegen Nazis (Source:

The German organization Laut Gegen Nazis has conducted a "Like Attack" campaign, an untraditional use of social networking to draw attention to the fact that neo-Nazism is not part of the past in Germany but remains a current threat. The campaign has undertaken a "love your enemy" strategy in which promoters of the event flooded the website of a neo-Nazi political party with anti-Nazi slogans and "liked" them.  

The campaign was launched on the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and involved more than 100 000 people of various backgrounds who quickly became "fans" of the Facebook page of the NPD, the unofficial successor to the party of Hitler's Third Reich. They posted anti-racist commentary and contributions to the page, including slogans like "For a more colorful Germany!", "No human being is illegal" and "Common sense, not the fatherland".

The website was created to accompany the campaign, providing volunteers the opportunity to post funny visual images as part of the discussion. The organization produced the campaign with almost no money and sparked significant media interest.  

voj,,, translated Gwendolyn Albert
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