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June 30, 2022



Hoax party ridicules Czech Christian Democrat leader Cunek

Plzen, Czech republic, 7.5.2007 13:21, (CTK)

A billboard has appeared near the Plzen bus station pointing to the attitude of Czech Christian Democrat (KDU-CSL) leader and Deputy Prime Minister Jiri Cunek to Romanies, the server writes today.

"Travel free with travel agency KDU-CSL," reads the billboard featuring Cunek with three Romany girls.

Under the photos, there is the text "Getting sun-burnt with Cunek in summer," writes.

The server writes that the billboard was made by the hoax Balbin Poetic Party.

Bohuslav Balbin was a 17th-century Czech poet and Catholic priest.

"We are not signed, we are not those who paid for it, but is somewhat of our own making," Jiri Hrdina, "governor general" of the party, told the server.

He refused to disclose those who ordered the billboard, but indicated that they should be looked for inside the KDU-CSL.

Cunek said earlier this year that those who wanted to gain state subsidies must get sunburnt, behave improperly and put up fires at town squares, thus alluding to Romanies.

Last year, Cunek had hundreds of local Romany rent-defaulters evicted from a dilapidated house to the outskirts of Vsetin, north Moravia, when he was the town's s mayor, or completely from Vsetin in order to rid the town "of an ulcer."

Cunek also indicated that Romanies shun work.

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