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August 12, 2022



Hungarian PM says Roma should be employed instead of immigrants in the EU

Budapest, 26.8.2014 13:22, (ROMEA)
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (PHOTO: European People's Party - EPP,
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (PHOTO: European People's Party - EPP,

The Associated Press has reported that yesterday Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán said the EU should train the 10 million mostly-unemployed Romani people throughout Europe so they would be able to hold the jobs requiring little or no qualifications currently being performed by immigrants. Orbán said he believes it is "irresponsible" to employ foreigners in jobs that Romani people could get.  

The PM said EU money should be used for education and training in Romani settlements instead of aiding immigrants. He also said that instead of accepting large numbers of immigrants, Europe would do better to increase its development aid to the countries they come from so their inhabitants can find work where "the Lord God decided they should be born".  

Orbán also swore that he is adamantly determined to support policies that oppose immigration. He pledged to stand up against any attempt to promote unified, liberal rules in the EU for the reception of immigrants. 

ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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