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November 24, 2020



Berlin's Sinti and Roma Memorial Delayed by Fresh Dispute

Berlin, 20.7.2011 19:43, (Spiegel online)

The construction of a memorial to the Sinti and Roma murdered in the Holocaust has long been plagued by disputes between the artist, Israeli Dani Karavan, and the city of Berlin. He has now refused to continue working with local officials -- but a federal government takeover will mean further delays.

The artist who designed a memorial commemorating the murder of 500,000 Sinti and Roma by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust has refused to continue working with the Berlin city-state government following a series of disputes that have delayed its completion.

Dani Karavan, an internationally known artist from Israel, has accused Berlin's construction department of failing to meet his standards for the memorial, a small pool of water some 12 meters (39 feet) in diameter with a stele jutting out of the middle. It is only half-finished even though it was originally due to have been unveiled in October 2010.


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