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July 4, 2022



Romania: Cif ad campaign gets rid of offensive, racist graffiti

Romania, 14.8.2014 21:54, (ROMEA)
The 2014 ad campaign for the Cif brand focusing on removing graffiti. (Photo:
The 2014 ad campaign for the Cif brand focusing on removing graffiti. (Photo:

The Unilever company, which owns the Cif brand, has contributed to the removal of offensive, racist graffiti in Romania through a new ad campaign. Through a simple mobile application for smart phones, many people have become involved in the effort.  

Using the app, people can send photos of places where graffiti has been spray-painted and Cif will send a team to the locality to clean up the space. Graffiti in 385 localities has been removed during the campaign.

The video advertisement called on people to "Send a photo of hateful graffiti and the Cif team will clean it up." The campaign reached 14 million people and the app became the most popular in its category at the App Store.

Monika Tamas, a manager at Unilever, said Cif has helped to remove aggressive communications that influence children from the streets. The website of the campaign features a map where you can find localities that have been cleaned up, together with a gallery of "before and after" photos.

Video footage of the removal of the graffiti in several localities is also available there. A total of 250 000 users have visited the campaign's website.,, ih, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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