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August 19, 2022



Slovak police charged with Romany's murder deny guilt

Central Slovakia, 2.4.2007 15:35, (CTK)

Former Slovak policemen charged with torturing Slovak Romany Karol Sendrei to death told the court today that they did not know how their victim suffered the fatal injuries.

The accused men claimed that the police action against the man had been adequate.

The policemen arrested Sendrei, 51, along with other Romanies including Sendrei's two sons over a clash between a mayor of Magnezitovce, east Slovakia, and the Romanies in 2001. According to the charges, at the police station they tied Sendrei to a radiator and beat him the whole night. The man had ten ribs broken as one of the policemen allegedly jumped upon his chest several times.

The accused face up to 15 years in prison each if found guilty.

The court will continue to deal with the case. A racial motive has not been proved.

The court proceedings have already started in 2003.

International human rights organisations fiercely criticised Slovak police of the death of Sendrei. Slovak authorities toughened the criteria for applicants for a job with the police after the scandal.

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