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April 21, 2014
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World's best double bass player is Romani

Žilina, Slovakia, 23.10.2012 19:10, (ROMEA)
Roman Patkoló (
Roman Patkoló (

Double bassist Roman Patkoló (30) is originally from the town of Žilina, Slovakia. He is known worldwide as a musical magician, but in his native country few people are aware of him unless they are experts in his field. Now the Slovak news server has reported that last year, Patkoló won the Aida Stuck Award as the world's best double bass player.

Roman Patkoló is from a Romani family. Both his father and older brother are also musicians. "My father led us to music from our early years. We lived in Turkey for eight years when he was concert master for the Istanbul Opera. We also lived for a time in Iraq and Kuwait," the talented double bassist told the news server. At the age of six he began playing the violin. At 13 he heard a cousin play the double bass and was charmed by the instrument.

By the age of 18, Patkoló was playing as many as 90 concerts a year. At the age of 25 he was awarded the title of Professor at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München. In addition to performing, he lectures at the university in Basel. The famous double bass player speaks six languages fluently and has lived in Switzerland for several years.


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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis to gather 1 May in Ústí, civic initiatives protecting ghettos

Ústí nad Labem, 19.4.2014 21:11, (ROMEA)
Civic initiatives have announced that they have reserved the streets leading to the socially excluded localities in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem for 1 May. The initiatives want to prevent local occupants from being targeted by the neo-Nazis who are planning to march through the center of town that same day.
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videoPro-Russian radicals target Roma for assault in eastern Ukraine

Slavyansk, Ukraine, 19.4.2014 20:25, (ROMEA)
News server Novosti Donbasu reports that pro-Russian radicals in eastern Ukraine have assaulted several Romani families in Slavyansk, allegedly for racial reasons. Armed pro-Russian separatists broke into their apartments, where they attacked and robbed them.
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Czech Republic: Five years on, Romani arson victims still live in fear

Praha/Budišov, 19.4.2014 19:12, (ROMEA)
News server Č reports that 19 April marks five years from the moment when four right-wing extremists used Molotov cocktails to attack a home occupied by a Romani family in the Czech town of Vítkov. The perpetrators of the attack are behind bars for now.
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