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July 13, 2020
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250 attend gypsy meeting - Rother will decide

Bexhill, 8.2.2007 17:43, (Bexhill Today)

RESIDENTS' tempers flared on Wednesday as they voiced their anger over proposals to build a Gipsy transit site off Bexhill Road.

Around 250 people flocked to the meeting at West St Leonards Community Centre but 100 had to be turned away as the hall was full to the gills. The event was chaired by Brett McLean, chairman of the LibDems for St Leonards. It was called after many people felt aggrieved for not being invited to the two recent meetings hosted by consultancy firm TK Associates.

Only 30 residents were chosen at random and sent invitations to these two events. Mr McLean said: "I had to call order a number of times on Wednesday as quite a few angry personal comments were made. "Residents are fearful that there will be increased crime if a site is built in the Freshfields area. "This is absolutely the wrong place for a site because of health and safety grounds."

Other speakers included Cllr Vivienne Bond, Michael Turner from the Labour Party, and Peter Oxley from protest group BRAATS. People asked why such a transit site was being considered in an area that fell within the future Pebsham Countryside Park. Others said traffic volumes will increase on Bexhill Road, a main thoroughfare that is already congested, say residents.

Angry homeowners also fear badger setts and crested newts will be put at risk if the site got the go-ahead. Mr McLean said he plans to set up a petition in protest at Hastings Council's proposal. The land falls within the Rother boundary so the petition will be submitted to Rother District Council.

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