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September 26, 2021



Athens Prefect on Votanikos Roma settlements: “This wretched situation honors no one”

Athens, 6.2.2007 18:33, (GHM)

Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) congratulates the Athens Prefect Yannis Sgouros for his initiative to become the first Greek state high-ranking official to visit, on 30 Jnauary 2007, the Roma settlements in the Athesn area of Votanikos so as to raise awareness of the prevailing wretched situation and to contribute to the handling of the problem. His press release and pictures say it all.

GHM informed today the Athens Prefect for its action for those Roma over the last one and a half year and the letters sent, in one case along with nine other Greek and international NGOs, to the authorities that have remained unanswered. The Prefect was also informed on the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on Children who included a reference in his report. GHM agrees with the description of the situation by the Prefect and adds that hundreds of children of these settlements are excluded from all schools. GHM also stated that any solutions should be agreed by the Roma concerned.

GHM the only organization that represents them, has made themselves available to the Prefecture and any other authority to inform them and cooperate with them on behalf of the Roma as well.

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