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October 28, 2021



Central European University offers Master's degree preparatory course for Romani college students

4.10.2019 7:17

The Roma Graduate Preparation Program (RGPP) is a program offered by the Central European University (CEU). The intensive 10-month course prepares Romani graduates of Bachelor's programs to earn Master's degrees from programs where the language of instruction is English.

The course is an enormous opportunity to access an international environment and to subsequently continue your studies at Central European University. The international, private university was established in 1991 by the famous financier George Soros in his native Hungary.

The university offers Master's and PhD programs in fields ranging from mathematics to political science to sociology. CEU is renowned worldwide and many of its graduates are active in high-level politics today.

CEU offers the RGPP for Romani graduates of Bachelor's programs in order to sufficiently prepare them for future studies in any Master's program at the university. The main content of the RGPP course is:

  • Intensive instruction in the English language.
  • Instruction in writing academic texts.
  • Deepening of knowledge in your chosen field.
  • Deepening of Romani identity.
  • A course in the Romanes language.

What are the criteria?

  • You must be Romani.
  • You must be a graduate of a Bachelor's program or a student in the third year of a Bachelor's program.
  • You must speak English at the B1 level.
  • You must want to study in an international environment.

Each RGPP student will receive:

  • A monthly stipend.
  • Health insurance.
  • Coverage of travel costs.
  • Coverage of accommodation costs.

How does one apply to the program?

  • Complete the online form accessible on the CEU website.
  • Provide your CV.
  • Provide a scan of your Bachelor's degree or confirmation that you are in the third year of a Bachelor's program.
  • Provide a 500-word motivation letter.
  • Provide a 250-word essay about your Romani identity.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a nonprofit organization that knows you.
  • Complete the form about your academic interests that is part of the application.

For your inspiration

Over the last 15 years, more than 220 Romani students from 22 different countries have passed through the RGPP. For all who want to study in an international environment, this is a unique opportunity - you can find more information about the program and about CEU generally on its website.











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