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October 28, 2021



European Roma and Travellers Forum President makes statement about COVID-19 pandemic, thanks health care professionals

4.4.2020 18:59
Miranda Vuolasranta, President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum (PHOTO:
Miranda Vuolasranta, President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum (PHOTO:

The President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Miranda Vuolasranta, has posted a video to Facebook in which she is calling for all Romani people to display their humanity, their solidarity, and their support for one another during the extraordinary situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to her, certain communities of Roma are at great risk at this time.

"Everyone in the community has a role to play, not to be infected yourself and if infected, to protect others, especially the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions," Vuolasranta said. "I am inspired as I see communities, our Roma nation, and the world coming together to fight this pandemic."

Statement from European Roma and Travellers Foundation President Miranda Vuolasranta


• My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times, and like so many, I have a heavy heart as I hear each day about the impacts COVID-19 is having on our communities.

• Andi kadi phari vrama, mire gindura thaj rugimata si tumenca thaj tire manglenca, thaj sar aver manushengere ile vi mire ileske si pharo kana shunav sago ges savo impakto si les o COVID-19 viruso ande amare komunitetura / mahale.

• I feel the need and the responsibility to address you on behalf of the European Roma and Travellers Forum and to demand your solidarity, support and sense of humanity in these extraordinary circumstances.

Anda jekh rig hacara man responsabilno thaj anda aver rig kamav ilestar te phenav varesave vorbi ando anav katar le Evropakoro Forumo e Romengo thaj Phirutnengo haj te kamav / mangav tumendar thaj te solidariteto, suporto thaj manushikanipe ande kadi nanormalno / ekstraordinarno situacija.

• While diseases can make anyone sick, our Roma community is more at risk of getting an infection and developing severe complications due to their health, social and economic circumstances.

Kado nasvalimos shaj perel ande svako jek amender, numa leindo sama pe sastipaskiri, socijalno thaj ekonomikani situacija amare Romane komunitetura / mahale si ande majbaro risko te len kado nasfalipe thaj phare komplikacii pe lengo sastipe.

• Everyone in the community has a role to play, not to be infected yourself and if infected, to protect others, especially the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions.

Svako jekh manush ando komunitetura / mahale si les responsabiliteto te arakhel pes te na lel kado nasfalipe thaj kana si nasfalo te protektiril le averen save chi si nasfale, majbut lendar e phuren thaj kodolen save si len kovlo sastipe.

• From washing our hands regularly, to calling out racism, to checking on elderly neighbors, we can do a lot to support each other. And while one of the effects of coronavirus can be physical isolation — either because of quarantine or “social distancing” measures imposed by public health officials to reduce viral spread — the ERTF believes that staying connected with others, at least in some way, and showing solidarity is more important than ever.

Anda kado momento shaj te keras but te das dumo maskar amende, katar regularno tholavipe/halavipe le vastengo, maripe kontra le rasizmosko dzi ko azutisaripe le phure manushengo. Jekh katar e efektivno akcija pal korona virus si fizichno izolacija ; karantina vaj « socijalno duraripe » save si thodine katar le guvernura kas te tikhjarel pe o posibiliteto te shorel o viruso – O ERTF gindil ke o khetanipe maskhar amende thaj o solidariteto si but vasno ande kadi situacija.

• At this point, many people are probably aware of some of the precautions we can take to help reduce your risk of getting sick. Nevertheless, I would like to mention some of them once again.

Ande kado momento, but katar tumende dzanen so kamel te kerel pe kash te tiknarel pe o posibiliteto te nasfalova. Kodoleske mangav/kamav inke jekh drom te phenav len tumenge.

• First of all, wash your hands, it’s “one of the easiest ways to avoid the spread of infectious disease,” capable of reducing respiratory infections by 15 to 20 percent. You should wash your hands after using the bathroom, blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, or caring for a sick person, and before eating. The Roma community is well aware of the functions of the concept of pure (vujo) and impure (marime), but it is good to remind ourselves once again.

Majanglal thoven tumare vasta, kado si jekh katar o majlokho drom te stopuin o nasfalipe, thaj te reducirin e infekcie phurdimaskere katar 15-20 procentura. Trebal te thoven tumare vast kana iklon katar o toaleto, kana kuinen, kana den chik, thaj kana len sama pal o nasvalo manush, thaj palo svako haibe maro. Amen le Rom zanas sukares o funkcioniribe katar o vujo thaj marime ande amari tradicija numa si sukar inke jekh drom te phenas len kate.

• Other precautions include avoiding touching your face, staying home when you’re sick, and cleaning surfaces that you touch a lot, like your phone, tablets, computers and other electronic devices.

Aver so ci trebal te keren sit e qstqren tumaro muj, te beshen khere kana sen nasfale, te vuzaren tumaro telefono, tableto; kompjutero thaj avera butija save astaren but drom ando ges.

• These simple steps can help protect you and those around you, and they can also reduce feelings of powerlessness.

Kadala akcii shaj te ikeren o nasfalipe dur tumendar thaj tire familijatar, thaj shaj te tiknjaren o hacaripe ke naj tumen dosta zor.

• I am inspired as I see communities, our Roma nation, and the world coming together to fight this pandemic. The ERTF is dedicated to supporting you all through this unprecedented time.

Sem but loshali kana dikhav khetanipe maskhar e Roma ande kasi situacija. O ERTF si loshalo te del support svako jekhe manusheske ande kadi phari vrama.

• I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the medical staff around the world for their dedication, support and unconditional care they provide to all of us.

Ande kado momento kamaf te naisiv le doktorenge ande sasti luma pe lengiti bukji, suporto thaj griza save dena svakone nasfale manusheske.

• Please stay safe and know that you can count on our Romanipe, solidarity, and support.

Mangav tumen te pazinen tumen thaj te azutin o Romanipe, o solidariteto thaj o suporto.

• I leave you all in God’s hands and in his protection.

Me mukhav tumen ando vast thaj ando protekcija O maj baro Deleskro!

Your sister / Tumare phen

Miranda Vuolasranta,  President

European Roma and Travellers Forum / Evopako Forumo e Romengo thaj e Phirutnengo / Forum européen des Roms et des Gens du voyage

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