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August 15, 2022



Facebook blocks German-language pages of anti-multiculturalism "Identitarian Movement"

11.6.2018 9:00

Facebook has blocked the pages of the Austrian and German Identitarian Movements opposed to immigration, the alleged Islamicization of their countries, and multiculturalism because, according to spokespeople for the company, these organizations disseminate hatred. The movements claim to be concerned about the alleged disappearance of European culture as a result of non-European immigration and are calling Facebook's move censorship.

The so-called Identitarians have now lost their access to Facebook and Instagram. "Organizations or people who disseminate organized hatred are not allowed on Facebook or Instagram," a spokesperson for the American firm said.

The block has affected the "Identitarian Movement of Austria", for example. However, the Austrian Press Agency reports that different Facebook pages run by regional identitarian groups have remained active.

On the Facebook page of the "Identitarian Movement of Upper Austria", users are criticizing what they term a "massive wave of censorship." Facebook blocked the pages of French identitarians at the beginning of May.

The movement began in France and spread to Germany and then Austria in 2012. It has sympathizers elsewhere in Europe, including in the Czech Republic.

The name of the movement is derived from its alleged concerns about European cultural identity. Young people are strongly represented in the movement and are sometimes referred to as "Generation Identity".

German counter-intelligence services surveille the identitiarians and consider them an ultra-right movement. In Austria identitarians are being investigated by the Prosecutor-General on suspicion of criminal conspiracy and incitement to hatred.


ČTK, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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