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September 29, 2022



Film contest So keres Europa?

Romania, 12.6.2007 15:35, (Romea)

Regulations on the film contest So Keres Europa?

The contest is part of International Romani Art Festival, the only

Festival in the world that speaks to people involved any kind of art, roma people

and other nationalities, but who promote roma culture.

The theme of the contest is So Keres Europa? And we expect works from

anyone who is interested in roma culture. Through this contest we will try to

offer a new perspective over the traditions and way of life of roma people, to

emphasize the fact that diversity is the thing that makes this world


 This manifestation sends a message about the role of involvement of

every European citizen in promoting cultural diversity and fighting against

discrimination and offers the opportunity to interact and get to know

other people, to come into contact with another culture and other visions.



5 blank seconds must be recorded before the video;

the required formats are :mpeg, avi or dvd;

works must be sent on a CD/DVD;

for technical support, please contact us at;

 - the length of the materials must not be longer than 15


 The contest will have 3 prizes,in value of 1000 euro: one for

each section, offered by the a jury formed from professionals and a prize

from the public. In order to give the last prize, the movies can be seen

during the month of August and during the festival, in the clubs: Jazz


Papillon Café and Aeternativ Café, in Timisoara, and the votes of the

viewers will be sent to the TURN Association.



The participants are asked to send besides the videos, also a

card of presentation for each movie , which must contain important

information like: the names of all those who made and helped in making


movie, where and when the material was filmed, festival awards or other


 Please submit the material until the 1st of August 2007 to


following address:


Gospodarilor nr 14, Timisoara, Romania cod postal 300778.



All the works will be watched and selcted by a jury. Only those

accepted will become a part of the screening programme. The decision of


jury is final.

All the movies will be evaluated by a jury of marking figures in the

field of Romanian and international cinematography , and also by men of

culture who have shown in time great interest and competence in this field.


The results of the selection will be sent to the participants by the 29th


August through electronic post. For that reason all the participants are

asked to inform us what their e-mail address is.




The participants must be the authors of the movies they have sent and


the legal authors' rights for the movies.

The organizers reserve the right to use the works in other presentations


partner events with the aim of promoting IRAF , but not for commercial



The materials will not be returned to the participants. They will remain


the archive of the festival. Thus the organizers engage themselves not to

use the movies in any other means but the ones announced in the festival,

without the written permission of the holder of the authors' rights.
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