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July 7, 2015
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France resumes deportations of Roma people from Romania

Bucharest, 13.4.2011 15:16, (ROMEA)

France is once again returning Roma people from Romania back to their home country even though the practice has previously sparked sharp disputes between Paris and the European Commission. DPA reports that a special flight to the western Romanian city of Timisoara left the northern French town of Lille with as many as 160 Roma people on board yesterday.

All adult Roma people on the flight allegedly received EUR 300 during the flight from local authorities, while each Roma child was given EUR 100. DPA reports that in exchange, they all had to sign statements promising never to return to France.

Last year France's extensive returns of Roma people, primarily to Bulgaria and Romania, which are both EU Member States, prompted intense discussions. Brussels warned that the French were not respecting EU rules on the free movement of persons. At the time Paris argued that the returns were not deportations. More than 8 000 Roma people departed the country as part of the government action.

An estimated 10-12 million Roma people live in the EU, which has a total population of roughly half a billion. The Roma minority is the EU's largest ethnic minority.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, Czech Press Agency, vot, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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Hungary: Romani molecular geneticist says biochemistry is extraordinarily interesting

7.7.2015 1:23
József Horváth is a 27-year-old specialist in oral cancer. He grew up in a Romani settlement in Karcag, Hungary, where he completed high school before attending university in Debrecin, Hungary's second-largest city.
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Czech Education Minister insists on abolishing curriculum for "mild mental disability"

7.7.2015 0:10
Czech Education Minister Kateřina Valachová confirmed to the Czech News Agency on 3 July that nothing will change with the plan to abolish the use of reduced curricula for "mildly mentally disabled" pupils. Abolition of the curriculum is an important step toward an inclusive education and overcoming discrimination against Romani pupils in the Czech schools.
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Commentary: Are the Czech police not bothered by death threats and a gallows?

6.7.2015 22:08
The following commentary was first published in Czech on 2 July.
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