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January 22, 2022



German authorities intervene against neo-Nazi online radio

Berlin, 3.11.2010 22:01, (ROMEA)

In Germany, detectives from the Federal Criminal Bureau (the BKA) and police have raided the residences of 22 operators of the extreme-right Internet radio station Widerstand. DPA reports the action took place in 10 of the country's 16 states, resulting in the arrests of 21 men and women on suspicion of criminal conspiracy to incite ethnic intolerance.

During the house searches, many computers, laptops and mobile phones were confiscated. DPA reports investigators also confiscated various other items meeting the legal definition of weapons. The raid involved 270 police officers.

The authorities suspect 17 men and six women aged 20 - 37 of contributing to the broadcasting of racist and Nazi content that suppresses human rights. Those arrested were either commentators, DJs who played skinhead songs, moderators of discussions, or operators of the station.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, Czech Press Agency, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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