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May 16, 2022



Germany: Neo-Nazis plan brawl for tomorrow's football finals in Munich

18.5.2012 15:57

Slovak news server Č is reporting that there will be "war" tomorrow in Munich. Football hooligans are reportedly planning to turn Saturday's final match of the Champions League between Bayern Munich and Chelsea into a bloody battlefield.

Intelligence services say German neo-Nazis are planning an attack on their English counterparts. Reportedly it could be a bitter clash which police might have a hard time preventing. The fight will probably happen outside the Allianz Arena while the match is taking place. Those planning violence on the German side are said to be organized into the "Schlickeria" and "Smart Set" groups.

Thursday's edition of The Sun in the UK reported that the aggressive German football hooligans have been inspired by the lives of English football rowdies from the 1970s. They are planning to call for a no-holds-barred fight with the English fans known as "Headhunters".

As many as 30 000 Chelsea fans are expected to gather in Munich, but far from all of them actually have match tickets. Thousands of people are expected to remain outside the Allianz Arena. Security forces will be watching their behavior very closely.

English authorities are said to have confiscated the passports of 80 known offenders, but 150 others are expected to fly to Germany, where they will evidently encounter hooligans from the opposing camp. "We are prepared for all eventualities," the German Police have announced.

Gwendolyn Albert, Č, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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