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June 4, 2020
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Gypsies lose their appeal

London, UK, 26.10.2007 15:57, (ROMEA/The Hunts Post)

Two Gypsy families who set up home in Huntingdonshire without planning permission have failed in an appeal against a High Court order which forced them from the land.

William Stubley, Tom Gaskin, Peter Gaskin, and Wayne Buckley had hoped to challenge the order that prevented them living on the land they own at Catworth.

But on Monday they were told the order, which was originally sought by Huntingdonshire District Council in August, would remain in place. Lord Justice Chadwick refused the men permission to bring a full appeal and ruled: "On the facts as the judge understood them, the order which he made was plainly one which he is entitled to make." However, the men were thrown a potential lifeline. Mr Chadwick made it clear that it was open to the Gypsies to apply to the High Court to vary the order. "If the facts turned out to be different, the judge would have an opportunity to reconsider what his decision should be," he said.

If they decide not to do this, the families will now have to wait until HDC has considered their planning application for the site to discover whether they will be allowed to live on the land.

A spokesman for Huntingdonshire District Council said the authority was aware of the High Court decision. No date had been set for a decision on the travellers' planning application.

On Monday the four men had hoped to overturn the order made by Mr Justice Openshaw on August 10, seven days after they moved on to the site they own in Thrapston Road, Catworth. A month later the men were given suspended prison sentences for contempt of court in failing to leave the site.

Following that decision, the families moved off the land, hoping to return and settle in the village.

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