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August 16, 2022



Hackers from Anonymous launch website to out neo-Nazis

Berlin, 3.1.2012 18:08, (ROMEA)

The hacker group Anonymous has launched a website to out neo-Nazis,, which it claims will publish explosive information from within the ultra-right scene. Deutsche-Presse Agentur reports that the National Democratic Party (NPD) in Germany will probably sue the group for publishing the names of NPD supporters on the website.

Those running the website say it is part of a campaign that has been running for several months called "Operation Blitzkrieg" during which Anonymous hackers have been attacking the web pages of ultra-right organizations. is conceived of as a technically simple blog where users can post contributions through e-mail. Today, for example, the website made available lists of the mail-order customers of right-wing extremists' businesses, contact information for those associated with the ultra-right magazine Junge Freiheit ("Young Freedom"), and internal e-mail addresses for the NPD. Lists of alleged NPD sponsors have also been published on the web page.

The domain was registered on 18 December. Today the web page was partially unavailable, probably due to overload.

Anonymous is an international group of hackers without a firm organizational structure. Activists mostly join ad hoc "operations" of various kinds. The group is primarily famous for its attacks on firms that reneged on cooperating with the controversial WikiLeaks website, such as MasterCard.

ČTK, Gwendolyn Albert, Czech Press Agency, translated by Gwendolyn Albert
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