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May 23, 2015
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Hungarian Roma activist, former member of European Parliament emigrates to Canada

Budapest, 4.2.2012 12:18, (MTI)

Roma rights activist and Hungary’s former MEP Viktoria Mohacsi has left the country to settle in Canada, daily Nepszabadsag reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources close to the politician.

Under the previous, Socialist governments Mohacsi worked as ministerial commissioner in charge of the integration of children from Roma communities or living in deep poverty. She was delegated to the European Parliament by Hungary’s liberal Free Democratic Party, which has now become virtually defunct.

Mohacsi is known to have left the country in December to apply for political asylum in Canada. Back in 2009 she had applied for police protection due to serious threats she had received. Several sources told the paper that Mohacsi could not find a position and was struggling with financial problems.

Nepszabadsag has not been able to contact Mohacsi.

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Czech Gov't Agency for Social Inclusion may see even more quitters

23.5.2015 15:54
Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) has not yet begun to look for replacements for the 14 staffers of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion who have given notice because of their disagreements with him. The announcing of those hiring procedures will wait until a new director is found for the Agency.
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Commentary: What will the Agency be like once its employees give notice?

23.5.2015 14:30
On 21 May, 14 employees of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion gave their notice. The resignations happened more than one month after the dismissal of Agency director Martin Šimáček, which jump-started a crisis within that institution and a tempestuous discussion about its future and about Romani integration policy.
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Alexander Oláh: A brief report on the emancipation, integration, and participation of Roma

23.5.2015 8:02
It is completely surprising, but the current Romani Integration Strategy is actually beginning to be implemented. This has never been the case before - the previous Romani Integration Concept was mostly about photographs of former Human Rights Minister Micahel Kocáb and was basically never implemented at all.
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