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September 19, 2020



International Romani Union: Freedom is the most important value

14.11.2015 17:44
The Roma flag.
The Roma flag.

The International Romani Union has sent the following letter to the French President about the 13 November terrorist attacks in Paris:

Mr. President of the French Republic:

As European citizens and members of a community with worldwide presence, we share the pain of the families in France who suffer due to the cruelty and murderous violence of those who, blinded by hatred, attack innocent people.

Please let the people of France know, Mr. President of the French Republic, that all Roma in the world ─ for whom freedom is the most important value to be preserved ─ are committed to the defense of those values that only democracy may protect.

Normunds Rudevičs,President of International Romani Union, Latvia

Juan de Dios Ramírez-Heredia, Vice President. Responsible for International Relations, Spain

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