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January 21, 2021



IRWN protest against Miss Roma International competition

EU, 25.7.2007 14:07, (IRWN)

p>The International Romani Women Network (IRWN) strongly protests against the organisation of the Miss Roma International competition in Skopje/Macedonia and calls for its boycott. We are extremely disgusted by the fact that the organiser dares to present this event as an act which contributes to the emancipation of Romani women.

Romani women are beautiful and strong. Over generations they have led the lives of their communities and people and contributed to preserve Romani culture and tradition. They have suffered double discrimination as Roma and as women.

Beauty contests are nothing but the perpetration of a centuries-old history where women are at the sole service of men. It is men who decide about their lives and destiny. It is men who decide over the price to pay for a woman.

Romani women have a right to respect and to dignity! They have a right to independent life! They have a right to joy and happiness! They do not need to be rated on their physical appearance on the basis of criteria which are taken from picture magazines.

We call on everyone to publicly denounce the organisation of Romani miss competitions. No publicity should be given to such events which are at odds with our culture and tradition.

We call on Romani men to stand with us in our fight together against discrimination of Romani women. You cannot expect our support if you support attitudes and events which are discriminatory against Romani women. You have to understand that Romani people are one, and there will be no emancipation of Romani people as long as Romani women continue to be oppressed!

Soraya Post /President IRWN Board
on behalf of all IRWN members.

International Romani Women Network (IRWN)

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