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March 29, 2020
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L’Humanite: Bulgarian Roma live without access to justice and education

Sofia, 8.9.2007 16:12, (Source: Focus Information Agency)

The French daily L’Humanite cites in its edition from today a statement made by the leader of the Bulgarian National Union /BNU/ Boyan Rasate, who is called ‘The Fuehrer’ by the daily. Rasate’s statement concerned the creation of a national guard in Bulgaria, to protect the Bulgarians from the gypsies.

One month ago, the Roma in Bulgaria, tormented by the repeating Neo-Nazi attacks against them, protested violently, the French daily reports.

Tension rose even further, when a 17-year Roma boy was killed in the Bulgarian town of Samokov and the police made the conclusion that it was a quarrel between young men.

There are about 800,000 Roma living in Bulgaria, 80% of whom are unemployed and 65% to 70% live below the poverty line. 80% are illiterate.

The ‘Decade of Roma Inclusion’ program, signed by Bulgaria, another seven countries, and supported by the World Bank, gave no result.

‘The Bulgarian Roma, who represent 10% of this country’s population, live |without having access to justice or education’, is the conclusion of the article.

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